Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blake's 4th Birthday Construction Party

I am so excited to share this post with you!!! My sister and I have been planning my nephews 4th birthday party for a few months now and yesterday we finally got to see what all of our hard work had accomplished.

Blocks for the kids to build their own construction creation!!!

Build a Bird house station

Paint the bird house station

Due to a brief thunderstorm we had to move the party inside for a moment

But the weather cleared up and we were back in business, here is Blake (aka the birthday boy) pinning the nail on the head!!!

My sister came up with this cute sign for the bathroom!!!

The food layout

These adorable bottle labels (as well as his invitations, cupcake toppers and stickers for the construction hats) were designed by my dear friend Kori and her partner Lindsey's new company Paper and Pigtails (

My sister also came up with this cute idea: treasures were hidden all through out the sand and whatever they found they kept

The party gang

And all this hard work went in for this adorable 4 year old....Happy Birthday to my nephew Blake