Sunday, June 20, 2010

Catherine's 3rd Birthday Ladybug Party

Well after months and months of planning, Catherine's Ladybug party finally arrived and was a HUGE success!!!!

Here is Catherine's adorable invitation designed by none other than my dear friends at PaperandPigtails Thank you Kori and Lindsey for all the adorable touches you put on this party!!!

Fortunatly, sometime back I was in Hobby Lobby and came across a TON of ladybug garden items/decor on sale for 60% off...unfortunately I forgot to use about half of I purchased!!!

These super cute polka dot balloons were ordered from Polka Dot Market

These bottle labels (as well as the cupcake toppers and snack cups) were also designed by PaperandPigtails

Yeah, I forgot to add the cupcake toppers in the pic above this one
(hey, I am only human!)

I purchased these cute little tumblers from my local Party City for only $1.99/each

Here are the boys and girls making their own ladybugs that I ordered from Oriental Trading (the dots on the ladybugs are stamped on using their fingerprints)!! cute huh??
These "Thank You's" consisted of these adorable cookies that I order from Decandent Delights Cakes plus, the goody bags also included ladybug bubbles from Oriental Trading (tried to post the link, but they must be out of stock) and plush ladybugs from Party City

.....and these would be all the kids WILD on all the sugar consumed during this party!!

here was an attempt to take a family photo...but of course the lighting in my house in not so great so this is what we got!!!

and last but not least Catherine dancing in her costume after the party (again, not a great pic....but you get the picture!!)

It was fun (and stressful!) planning this party, but would do it again in a heartbeat....especially for my two adorable girls :)